About thatscienceguy

About twice a month thatscienceguy will be writing about the science which is happening around you. We encounter science every day possibly without realising it, and thatscienceguy will be explaining it and why its important to life as we know it.

If you have a topic which you are interested in, email thatscienceguy@gmail.com and I’ll try to cover it in future posts.

Who is that science guy?

That science guy is sometimes called Ben, from Adelaide, Australia. A recent PhD graduate in pharmacology, molecular biology and cancer biology, he has since worked with science communication organisations to communicate and promote science in the media and public. He has previously presented at conferences around the world, has been featured in the University of South Australia Magazine and appeared on the university website.

When he isn’t talking about science Ben can usually be found watching sport of some kind, in the pub, travelling, or cooking.


One Response to “About thatscienceguy”

  1. Pranab Says:

    Hey Ben. Look, I found your home page! 🙂 It seems like the template does not allow us to look at the sidebar links when we are on a particular post, which is why I ended up missing the whole page and acting like a dunce. Great blog, you should write more often!!! And check this site out for more research resources: http://www.researchblogging.org.


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