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No article this fortnight

July 2, 2011

Due to a mixture of a busy travel schedule and a couple of new big projects on the cards, there will not be an article this fortnight.

Stay tuned, thatscienceguy will return mid-July.


Welcome to thatscienceguy

January 13, 2011

For whatever reason you may have stumbled across this blog, welcome!

thatscienceguy will be posting around twice a month about science, whether it be science which you come across every day, the weird world of science, or science you may never have known existed.

But firstly a bit about myself. My name is Ben and I recently finished my PhD at the University of South Australia. My project there was to investigate how a new treatment for skin cancer actually works – what does it do inside a cancer cell to make it die. The problem with many drugs is that they do more than one thing inside a cell, and each change inside the cell may cause a different effect. If we can find out what the drug does to kill the cancer cell we would be able to design new drugs which only cause that effect, or cause that effect but much more potently, which may increase the effectiveness of treatment and reduce side effects.

Despite my background in pharmacology and cancer biology, I’m hoping to keep this blog pretty broad, so there may be posts about medicine, health and biology, but also about astronomy, chemistry, physics, who knows what!

Hopefully you enjoy this blog and find it interesting. An admission though – this is my first time keeping a blog so bear with me, it might take a little while to get into the groove of writing one!

Also, if you have any sciencey questions or feedback, email them to thatscienceguy(at), even if it’s that question you thought too basic to ask before.

So again, welcome!

Ben, that science guy.